July, 2015


10 Things to get Right before ploughing your savings into a start-up

I have seen more wannabe entrepreneurs failing for lack of planning than for lack of a unique idea. Having spent so many years as a Financial Planner and also as a mentor to start-up entrepreneurs at Founder Institute, some of the insights I have gained reveal that planning and execution…


Will They, Won’t They?

One of the biggest threats that the equity and bond markets in India face this year is the impending interest rate hike by the Fed. Interest rates in the US have been zero since 2008 and since the US economy is on the path to recovery a hike in the…


Shale gas revolution – Shot in the foot

No doubt US identified huge Shale gas reserves, which in itself was a revolution. But, they missed in recognising the law of supply and demand! The problem started when Shale drillers spent money faster than they have made it. Shale industry has been a big swing factor in supply of…


75 Bps Rate cut so far…..Is it!!?

Since Jan 2015, RBI has reduced the interest rates totally by 75 bps but what does it mean to the end user? Has that rate cut been passed on to the customers? So far the banks have only transferred 15 bps to 25 bps of rate cut to the borrowers….