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October, 2015

Trust and Investments have Perfect Positive Correlation.

One would typically invest their money in an asset where they have trust and conviction. Trust can be driven by multiple factors; it could be on the management, business model, governance, government and the like.It is also implied when distrust comes in, capital goes out! Research firm Edelman Berland released…



Rumi – The Pragmatist?

I came across this beautiful quote which is attributed to that great Sufi mystic, Rumi, at a recent workshop that I had attended. Was this a workshop on poetry or Sufism? No, far from it – it was about Life Planning, a subject of professional interest to me. The first…


3 Pointers to Asset Allocation

How does one arrive at an ideal mix of assets for ones’ investment portfolio? How much of it can be low risk and how much higher risk bearing? ...


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