Rumi – The Pragmatist?

Rumi webI came across this beautiful quote which is attributed to that great Sufi mystic, Rumi, at a recent workshop that I had attended. Was this a workshop on poetry or Sufism? No, far from it – it was about Life Planning, a subject of professional interest to me.

The first emotion that struck me when I heard this was a mixture of gut wrenching pain and sadness; a feeling of loss and of compromise. But as I pondered over it, it was followed by a feeling of wonder. How  a mystic could convey such pragmatism through poetry? Well, that is why he was a sage!

I mostly work with forty plus some-things, and construct long range Financial Plans for them and their families.  Every so often I come across clients who, when asked what they want to do in life, erupt in a fountain of wishes. Some have already prepared extensive bucket lists over beer with buddies. The list is generally a haphazard mix of things like buying a home, sending the kids abroad for undergrad to travelling, biking and owning farmland. Some want to work for NGOs and some want to write, dance or play music for the rest of their lives. It is amazing to see the range of dreams that are pent up in many….and the sadness that they would remain dreams for the vast majority.

The way out of this problem is to simply follow Rumi! Figure out which are the half loves in your list; meaning, prioritize. Work your way with your head rather than your heart. Imagine a situation where you have limited time at your disposal, which of your bucket list would you do first? Which of your dreams would you want to fulfil first? The ones that you chose to do are your most important ones. Get your planner to focus on these and to enable you to fulfil these rather than be all over the canvas.

A financial planner will be able to match your resources to your needs and point out gaps if any. The gaps are to be filled with future savings. By prioritizing your dreams, resources can be directed efficiently to the most important dreams of your life. Try it!

AUTHOR: Srikanth Bhagavat, Managing Director & Principal Advisor, Hexagon Wealth And Also Co-Director, Founders Institute – Bangalore

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