Advisory Services

Wealth Management is a necessary prerequisite if you aim to realize most of your dreams and objectives. We, at Hexagon, believe that we are ideally suited to partner with you and help you achieve these goals, achieve a life that is not only financially prosperous but  reflects overall wealth. With this in mind, we offer a large range of value-added services designed to nurture and enhance your investments. These services can be customized, to specifically cater to exclusive client requirements. Some of our services are:

Private Wealth Management

Hexagon offers advice to clients on wealth preservation and growth, covering all major asset classes including Mutual funds, Insurance, Bonds, Realty, Private equity, Commodities and Art.

Financial Planning

We pride ourselves in assisting innumerable clients in realizing their most cherished dreams with the best financial instruments. Objectives like retirement planning and funding for children’s education plans, all fall under the purview of financial planning.


Family Office

There are times when business families need to restructure their business to prepare it for the future generations.

Our family office services, which include Financial Planning, Investment Advisory, Tax assistance etc., offer owner-level advice to help business owners restructure, as well as identify a growth path for the business.

Estate Planning

Transmission of wealth needs to be smooth, well thought-out and least troublesome for the benefactors. Whether this happens through a simple will or through trusts, we are there to help you.

We will ensure that you receive the correct and relevant legal advice and through our empanelled external experts.

Insurance Planning

We primarily deal with 2 important aspects of insurance:

  1. Evaluation of the need: It is all about providing for the future in a way that the bread earner’s absence does not hurt his family members financially and there is sufficient insurance cover to meet all the goals as well as liabilities, in his absence. This is done by assessment of an individual’s current assets and liabilities in accordance with his goals as well as existing insurance coverage. Even medical insurance requirements are suggested post examination of any existing health covers.
  2. Identification of a suitable product: Our endeavor is to identify the most suitable and cost efficient product for the client which is tailor-made to suit the individual’s requirements and would ultimately prove an asset during uncertain times.

An on-request logistic support and vendor co-ordination is also provided if needed.

Portfolio Reports and Reviews

Portfolio Report is a regular update designed to keep you constantly informed about how your investments are performing.

You can get in touch with your Relationship Manager whenever you like and review the performance of your portfolio. Your portfolio is constantly monitored and action is taken based on required results whenever necessary.