Investment Concierge

Hexagon has a large network of trusted partners through which we can help clients on any unconventional financial decision that they may need to make. Be it acquiring art or buying a house, we will be there to assist you.

To cover all bases, our concierge services also offer to take over responsibility for the sundry statutory processes, if the client so desires:

PAN Card co-ordination

Getting a PAN card can be a cumbersome process, especially for NRIs. Hexagon advises you about the right process and if need be, coordinates with the intermediaries in helping you to procure a PAN card.

KYC co-ordination

Avoid the headache of the long drawn-out process of getting a KYC. Hexagon takes care of getting KYC updates as and when required.

Co-ordination with clients’ chartered accountants

We at Hexagon ensure that all taxation formalities of your investments with us are completed in coordination with your CA in a hassle-free manner.

Co-ordination with clients’ lawyers

Should there be a need of involving your lawyer while taking an investment decision, Hexagon facilitates the coordination and completion of the legal process.

Consultation on property purchase, independently or jointly
We make sure that all legalities and documents are in perfect order when you purchase a property. We also ensure that flow of title, encumbrance certificate, gazette notifications are thoroughly verified before advising you to invest.