Wealth Building

While some kinds of investments preserve wealth, there are other kinds of investments that are required to build wealth, fight inflation and aim for higher rates of returns to aggressively achieve your goals. This can be done by including asset classes such as Equities and Real Estate in your Portfolio in the right doses. It’s time to get that money working for you through Hexagon’s Wealth Building Services.

Wealth Building is a specialised research based offering from Hexagon Wealth.

Hexagon has a committed Research division that is continuously monitoring the economy for investment opportunities. Its breadth and depth of research skills provides the clients a rare insight into opportunities and Investment.

The following are the research based Wealth Building Products:


TopValue is our ground-breaking Equity Advisory service which endeavours to build a quality Stock Portfolio, delivering long term business returns with a low relative risk. Top Value bridges the divide between investment wisdom and investment strategy to bring you a sensible equity option.

Top Value involves getting both parts of the equation right – right company and right price.

Good company + Right Price = Good Investment

This is the process by which our research team identifies companies that are fundamentally strong with a long-track record of success in constantly increasing their top-line and bottom-line, through different economic cycles.

Real Estate

Hexagon’s team is constantly on the lookout for appropriate real estate opportunities. But often, it is difficult to single-handedly invest in real estate, although the opportunity may be extremely profitable, primarily due to size of investment required and also the risk exposure.

Hexagon mitigates both issues. Upon the recommendations of a research team of a particular opportunity, Hexagon puts together 3 to 5 interested clients and helps them invest in the property for a specific period of time and with a clear holding period. The service manages the entire life cycle – from opportunity identification to profit booking.

Mutual Funds

This is the traditional route of investment. The research team constantly track mutual fund performers and helps the client build a well performing portfolio of top quartile mutual funds. This basket of funds is aligned to the client’s long term and medium term goals.