Wealth Management Process

Our Wealth Management is completely process-based and methodical. Research is a corner stone to the entire process.  To ensure success, we have in place a standard framework of operational efficiency that has delivered excellent results since the inception of Hexagon. This system functions in the following manner:

Pre-Investment Consultation

This is the initial phase of our client engagement initiative where we work towards understanding the client’s financial requirements. Important activities like risk analysis and mandating investment objectives, form a crucial part of this phase.

Portfolio Construction

The next stage: where we build a customized portfolio of different asset classes, on the basis of the consultation. Once this has been completed we build an Investment Plan which contains our investment recommendation and strategy based on portfolio research. This plan is then implemented and goes live.

Periodic Portfolio Reviews

Established portfolios are constantly monitored to ensure that their performance matches set objectives. Reviews enable us to make corrections for deviations, and to incorporate promising new developments to improve performance. In addition, review reports are sent to the customers on a regular basis.