Who is a Financial Advisor & what is their importance?

“Health is Wealth”- but it doesn’t mean being healthy make people wealthy right. So after health the second thing we need to care about is our wealth. Have you checked the health of your wealth? Have you consulted a wealth doctor ever? Yes you read it right. What I mean is that whether your financial position is fair enough to meet your future goals and fulfil your dreams. If you are not sure about this you need to consult a wealth doctor which I mean is a financial advisor. Let see who is a financial advisor and what his importance is.


An advisor is the one who guides and works on behalf of the investor. He doesn’t have any bias towards product or product provider and scans the market for the best risk adjusted product that suites his client requirement. The advice is primary whereas the product takes secondary status in a relationship with the client. If the product is suitable, it finds place in the portfolio. The main job of an advisor is to advise the investor on how and where to invest to meet future financial goals and how to best tackle capital market impulses. Some other advantages like:

  • Potential access to important investment news when it is most valuable
  • Professional advice that may help improve your investment results
  • Expert help in determining the best way to allocate your assets
  • A trained and objective professional who can help you avoid panic selling. Remember it is not about “Timing the market”, it is always about “Time in the market”.

Many assume that having a little knowledge about financial products is enough to plan their financials, but it is like“knowing how to drive a car doesn’t mean we are a F1 racer” or one may assume that the Internet and financial planning software can cater to all these needs, but although they are convenient tools, they cannot equal the personal attention and experience of a professional like financial advisor who can make that difference in helping you manage your financial future.

As stated by Mr.Ashish Somaiyaa (CEO, MotilalOswal), financial life is not as life threatening as medical life but just as you have a doctor, pharmacist and a drug manufacturer here too we have an advisor, distributor and a product manufacturer. Just as you give importance to the doctor in your medical life, it is important to be conscious about your relationships with advisor in your financial life.

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AUTHOR: Mani Sandeep Bayyana , Associate-Researcher LIN logo


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