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Our Wealth Stories

They trusted us. We helped them meet their aspirations.
Meet just a few of our happy clients!
Rakesh Sing Hexagon Wealth Success Stories

Rakesh Singh


Hari, a naval officer has successfully navigated retirement, his daughters’ higher studies and their weddings, after retiring early at 48.

Farrokh Hexagon Wealth Success Stories

Farrokh Poonawala


A 60-year old advertising industry icon, managed to fill the yawning gaps in his retirement kitty and now earns rock-steady cash flows.

Kavitha Hexagon Wealth Success Stories-min

Kavitha Stanley

Young PR Professional

Kavitha was 36 and ran a boutique Public Relations firm. Her husband was a marketing executive. While she and her spouse raked in large incomes

Akash Hexagon Wealth Success Stories

Akash Balasubramaniam

Chemical Engineer-Turned-Social Worker

Akash, 42, a chemical engineer and his wife, always believed that there was more to life.

Six Steps to Wealth

If the stories sound too good to be true, let’s assure you they’re very real.
All it takes is a systematic process. Here’s how we do it.
Hexagon Six Steps

Set Goals

We set out your investment objectives and yes, life goals, in black and white.


We watch your plan like a baby to ensure you’re getting to your goals and make mid-course corrections. If your goals change, we’ll adjust for this.


We take a 360-degree look at your financial situation and aspirations, and gauge your risk tolerance.


We custom-make a bespoke portfolio of multiple asset classes and tax-efficient products, based on extensive research.



We put the asset allocation and portfolio plan into action and rebalance periodically.


We seek your feedback on the plan.

Trust is a Six-Letter Word

At Hexagon, your trust rests on six pillars.

No Conflicts





Socially Conscious

Our Financial Freedom Menu

Think your life stage or financial situation is unique?
We have services to help you achieve financial freedom.
Hexagon Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Hexagon Investment Management

Investment Management

Hexagon Family Office

Family Office

Hexagon Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Hexagon Risk Management

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Meet a few of our many Happy Clients

I highly recommend Hexagon Capital Advisors to anybody looking to create wealth in the long-term.

Mr. Siddharth Shah

We are quite happy with the growth rate of our portfolio which is much better than Sensex/Nifty.

Dr. Jayaram BS

My family and I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Srikanth and his team.

Mr. Sunil Dsousa

Our Thoughts and Perspective


Hexagon Wealth – All About Total Expense Ratio

Listen to this engaging conversation between Kayezad Adajania, Head of Personal Finance at Moneycontrol, and Srikanth Bhagavat, Managing Director at Hexagon Wealth on what is the expense ratio and what does it mean to the investors.

The visual representation of the benefits brings out the real value of direct vs regular plans in mutual funds.


Zen & Now #7: Kala Bhairava and You

Zen & Now #7: Kala Bhairava and You

Zen & Now #7: Kala Bhairava and You PC: Listennotes.comI had just spent a blissful one hour immersed in bhajans at a Sai bhajan program. I had not participated in any of these programs for a while now and felt thankful that I had chosen to attend today instead of...

Zen & Now #6: The Grand Theory of Unification – Part 2

Zen & Now #6: The Grand Theory of Unification – Part 2

Zen & Now #6: The Grand Theory of Unification – Part 2 “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”― Carl Sagan If the physicists are searching for a law that unifies everything (read Part -1) in the universe,...

Zen & Now #6: The Grand Theory of Unification – Part 1

Zen & Now #6: The Grand Theory of Unification – Part 1

Zen & Now #6: The Grand Theory of Unification – Part 1 PC: Debate ChamberQuantum mechanics which is the physics of the very tiny, left classical scientists of the early century with great confusion. As they went deeper into the atomic world, they discovered that...