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Personal wealth is as important as enterprise growth. We help you strike a balance.

A business owner must focus on growing an enterprise and creating personal wealth at the same. Often the two can overlap and create ambiguity. The separation is essential in ensuring that the family’s needs are taken care of without forsaking the need for growing the business venture and vice versa. Having a proper structure and plan in place gives clarity to how much business risk can be taken before the family wealth starts to get compromised.

This needs dedicated financial planning and attention from the very beginning.

Why do business owners need a wealth advisor?

Articulate personal and business financial goals

Personal vs business needs separation

Assess business risk and its impact on personal finance

Guide through the financial needs of succession planning and philanthropy

Most times, business owners are too close to clearly visualize the need to separate personal income from business profits. It’s not just the separation, but rather a distinct treatment is required to create wealth. 

Personal and business financial separation means creating separate investment strategies. While wealth creation is the focus of personal goals; capital preservation or stable income is the focus for a business. The two cannot be put into the same bucket, and hence, it’s important to create a separate family fund and business fund when it comes to mapping suitable investment options.

Beyond this, there is also a need to evaluate the risk inherent in the business before making any investment decisions both on the personal and business portfolio. The risk of business and financial investments should be complementary rather than adding more of the same type of risk. If one ignores this aspect, the long-term balanced wealth creation will suffer.

Lastly, it’s essential to understand the financial needs for  aspects such as succession planning and philanthropy, which align more with the business enterprise than the personal portfolio. The latter may focus on protecting the financial interests of the family’s future from personal income rather than business profits.

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At Hexagon, we consider the unique situation of each business owner and guide not just on creating a relevant investment portfolio today but also on the financial investment choices available if the time comes to change or expand the enterprise.

It is important to have the right mix of financial strategies to address a professional’s unique requirements. Along with this, tax efficiency, periodic review, and rebalancing of the portfolio are all matters that advisors at Hexagon can help you with.

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