Hexagaon Dus Ka Dum

No, this is not about Rishi Sunak inhabiting the famed Downing Street address. Neither it is about Tendulkar nor Messi’s jersey number. And for those with vintage to their advantage, it is neither about Bo Derek. This is about the power of affixing another digit to the series. Zero to One. Pray, what inspired me to write this?

I get many of my inspirations while on the open highway, riding through sunrise. It has become a habit for me to recite the Surya Gayatri the moment I spy the sun rising. The view can be dramatic at times, rising through the mist on the fields, or rising from behind mountains. Recently while riding in the Rann of Kutch, I was lucky enough to witness a sunrise made more dramatic by a flock of flamingoes flying across it! (Did I take a picture? No…I chose to completely live in the moment rather than clamber for a camera.) So, you can well understand that being on an open highway with the cool wind against you, the creative juices flow better.

I prefer riding with just a small group and not in large ‘packs’. But it really does not matter, for riding is simultaneously a group activity and a solo activity. Once I am on the motorcycle, it is just me and my machine. So, most of the time is spent alone with the only time I interact with the rest of the group being when we stop for a break. Riding alone is more adventurous when you are riding for hundreds of kilometers at a stretch. The unpredictables are many – a mechanical fault, a puncture, an accident and so on. High speeds make the management of an unpredictable situation even more challenging. Given the possibilities, just looking into your mirror, and spotting your riding partner is very comforting. It gives a sense of security in an unpredictable world where assistance is valuable. He need not be riding alongside, but just the knowledge that he is on the same road as I am and that if there is trouble, I can count on him. Or even just to stop and chat under the shade of a giant roadside banyan tree if I am tired. The role of the riding partner is pretty much passive – but like I said in the beginning, the power of adding a digit (zero) to the one does change the game.

The role of your financial advisor is just that. Adding power and security in an uncertain world.

T. Srikanth Bhagavat

Managing Director & Principal Advisor