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Financial planning begins with the desire to achieve a state of financial well-being and not when you think you have a surplus to invest. The earlier you take the plunge into financial planning and investing toward your goals, the better placed you will be to take advantage of the benefits of compounding.

The first step in this process is about maximizing your savings potential. It doesn’t mean that you leave everything for a future life; rather you must carve out a balance between your current lifestyle and your future financial security. This balance will identify the savings requirement and structure to follow for your investment portfolio.

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Gen Zs have the benefit of time, and optimizing this should be prioritized. Time gives you the ability to start investing early and also step up your savings over time to give your portfolio a periodic boost. Moreover, your ability to recognize financial mistakes and calculated risks increases with your early experience in investing.

Financial planning also is not just about growing your money, it’s also about hedging some risks through avenues of appropriate insurance to ensure that you create a relevant financial cushion for yourself and your family. Gradually, with the proper focus on balanced savings and the right kind of investing, you will be able to create the desired wealth over time with the ability to accommodate needs, wants, and luxuries.

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At Hexagon, we recognize this need to balance the current lifestyle while keeping in mind future financial aspirations. The endeavor is to help Gen Zs live fulfilling life along with charting a financially stable course toward the unforeseeable future. It’s better to be prepared today than regret tomorrow. Starting early is more important than starting big; this also gives you room to expand your financial portfolio when the time is right.

We believe that it’s important to have the right mix of financial strategies to address a wide variety of financial needs. Along with this, tax efficiency, periodic review, and rebalancing of the portfolio are all matters that advisors at Hexagon can help you with.

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