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I am fortunate to have riding partners who have similar objectives as I do. I have always wanted to use my two wheels for new experiences. So I try to go on long trips at least twice a year on my motorcycle, that I have christened White Cloud! But sometimes, my riding partner identifies interesting places to go to which do not take more than half a day…for there are so many places to see even around us!

Last week was a ride through some of the most picturesque roads of old Mysore, to the backwaters of the Krishnaraja Sagar. Finding new places, navigating unknown roads, experiencing new smells and sounds, all are very stimulating. Breaking away from the highway and venturing into country roads requires a certain attitude and breaking of mental barriers. My friends who are experts in brain health tell me that indulging in such activities vastly improves brain health. Deterioration in brain health leads to dementia and alzheimers. Research shows that keeping the neural networks in our brain active can keep one away from dementia or delay the onset by many years. Not to say that everyone should become an adventurer and get onto a motorcycle -but each of us can become an adventurer suited to us. Learning a new language is an adventure; talking to new people is an adventure; learning a new sloka is an adventure; learning a new game is an adventure…basically, doing new things is what keeps the grey matter healthy.

My field of consulting gives me ample scope to explore. I try to look for paths less trodden. But since my work is actually to do with other people’s savings and wealth, I cannot be an adventurer always! Nor should investors be adventurous with their wealth. Some of my clients have a desire to try out new “things” in investing and are constantly asking for new things to invest in. To them my advise has always been to first secure what they need to meet their goals and be adventurous thereafter.

Or if one insists that it be done in parallel, then do explore with that portion of your wealth which if you lose or delivers lesser than expectation will not hurt you. Why this approach? Exploring, is in essence, doing something not done before, something that one is not experienced in doing, or something whose outcome is not known. In which case the probability of failure is high – so, would you want to play the game to lose? For instance, there is a world of alternatives that is large but paradoxically it can only occupy a small part of your portfolio due to their lower probability of success.  

To summarize,

  • Do explore with your mind and body. Never stop. It is for your health.
  • But when it comes to your wealth, keep the risk controlled!
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T. Srikanth Bhagavat

Managing Director & Principal Advisor