Zen and Now Hexagaon Wealth

Bengalureans take their masala dosa very seriously. Seriously. Searching for the perfect dosa is a popular weekend occupation. I remember a popular middle that was entirely devoted to the subject of how a masala dosa is eaten. Having observed the different styles of eating the much-loved dosa, the author then connected it with the personality characteristics of the gourmand!

It is the potato stuffing that makes all the difference -the most valued part of the masala dosa. And how one partakes of it is the style. You see, one can keep eating the dosa from one end to another and enjoying the stuffing as it comes. It may not be the same quantity or composition in every bite, but that’s life. Some eat carefully so that the potato lasts till the very last bite of dosa. And then there are those who are so careful that they have stuffing leftover even after they have finished the dosa. Criminal. (If you know what I mean).

The art of balancing our present and the future is similar. In the fear of not having enough to live your life after retirement, you become miserly, saving aggressively for the future and forgetting to enjoy the present. Some die poor, some die rich. And then there are those who die rich because they lived poor. I do know that the ones who are able to master this fine art are those that have a financial plan.

So how do you want to live your life?

T. Srikanth Bhagavat

Managing Director & Principal Advisor