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While gathering rich global experience, NRIs still have access to financial investments in India to benefit from the multiplier effects of economic growth.

There is an understanding of the financial health of the home country and the investment opportunities that are available. They can also benefit from rupee investment and income, which can be used for financial objectives linked to the home country.

Why do NRIs need a wealth advisor?

Balance and resident nation and Indian financial status

Comprehensive wealth management for purposes other than investments

Address wide variety of financial needs and goals

Sustain desired lifestyle today and in future

Finding balance in complexity while dealing with assets in one’s country of residence, and home country is critical. So is ensuring that the needs of today and the near and distant future are met reasonably well. Not just the current place of residence, but also plans to return to one’s home country can change over time.

Investing in India could have several other purposes, including taking care of elderly parents, managing a rupee inheritance and so on. Creating a runway or a path to address these aspects alongside the global investments and understanding around the flexibility to redeem when required, is important. However, combining these two aspects can create complications in one’s tax filing.

Consolidating existing investments in India rather than neglecting those, is also one aspect that NRIs look out for.

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The financial planning process at Hexagon will comprehensively address all the aspects of NRI’s financial goals.

It’s essential to have the right mix of financial strategies to address a wide variety of financial needs. Some of those could well be fulfilled by investing in Indian financial products. Arriving at this balance is not just about picking short and long-term investment options, rather it begins with understanding how much you are willing to adjust today in your country of residence, along with the possibility of returning and living in India. Suitable investments and financial plan is what works for NRIs in sustaining the desired lifestyle today and in the future, spread across India and overseas.

Along with this, tax efficiency, periodic review, and rebalancing of the portfolio are all matters that advisors at Hexagon can help you with.

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