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Optimize capital allocation within the dynamic risk profile 

Income can be cyclical for those who rely on earnings through a profession. Moreover, there is a disproportionate reliance on the individual for catering to income generation.

Hence, financial planning for professionals takes on an additional dimension which needs to account for times that the individual themselves may not be able to generate income at the same pace as before, either due to other commitments or even health-related matters. Moreover, there is a need to understand the maturing of the professional practice itself, at which stage the goodwill can be monetized.

This requirement is specific to professionals beyond the essential financial planning and investing exercise that serves individuals.

Why do Professionals need a wealth advisor?

Balance professional and passive income

Be prepared for the unforeseen contingencies

Deploy and redeploy assets for a secured future

Optimize capital allocation

Professionals do not carry the net of financial security. There is a constant need to ensure that the cyclicality of professional income is balanced through the support of passive income, which can be generated through the right investments.

For a professional, the rules of emergency or contingency money also assume a higher proportion as income generation relies on the individual themselves. For example, in case of ill health, it’s possible that a lawyer cannot service their clients and has to forgo fees that may have earlier been accounted for as income. That’s one part of the puzzle, which can come up in different forms over time.

Another aspect comes up when the professional wants to change their line of work, monetizing the practice’s assets and then ensuring that there is a degree of calculated risk in redeploying this money is the key to a professional’s future financial health.

Keep these aspects in mind, the focus remains on optimum capital allocation within the dynamic risk profile of a professional.

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At Hexagon, we consider the unique situation of each professional and guide not just on creating a relevant investment portfolio today but also on the financial investment choices available when the time comes to change or expand the professional practice.

We believe that it’s essential to have the right mix of financial strategies to address a professional’s unique set of requirements. Along with this, tax efficiency, periodic review and rebalancing of the portfolio are all matters that advisors at Hexagon can help you with.

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