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Retirement is a fact and when it comes one needs to rely on an alternative source of income.

Traditionally, retirement was about hanging up one’s boots and now it’s about the years in which one is living the best life. The choice to spend time as desired, the choice to do the work that is most deeply aligned with values, without thinking whether the income generated from it.

Relying on a pension is no longer a retirement option. However, it is possible to create a pension by investing right. This requires planning and disciplined saving and investing.

Why do Retirees need a wealth advisor?

Advance planning for the retirement time

Be prepared for the unforeseen contingencies

Manage the life-style that you are used to even after retirement

Fulfil your retirement goals with sufficient cashflows

Retirement planning focuses heavily on understanding the role of inflation over time and also understanding what life desires does one need fulfilled in that phase of life. Inflation reduces the value of money over time, hence, investing for retirement needs to focus on the relevant investments to overtake this problem.

Secondly, there is a great need for cashflow and passive income to fulfil retirement goals which can range from lifestyle essentials, to wants and luxuries.

Lastly, while focusing on creating an investment portfolio towards ideal retirement there is also a need to continue an optimum lifestyle today. For retirees, once the fund is ready the focus shifts almost entirely to cash flow management and tax efficiency.

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At Hexagon, we take into account the risk involved in planning for retirement and also planning post retirement. In some cases there may be a need to account for estate planning and legacy as well, which, is as important a need as is maintaining a desired lifestyle post retirement.

We believe that it’s important to have the right mix of financial strategies to address this wide variety of financial needs. Along with this, tax efficiency, periodic review and rebalancing of the portfolio are all matters that advisors at Hexagon can help you with.

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