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With the number of women in the workforce increasing at a fast pace, the need for women to start looking at personal finance management and financial planning with more interest is also paramount. This doesn’t mean that you must take the reins all by yourself; engaging the right advisor can help you enhance your finances in a way that’s most meaningful your you.

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At Hexagon, our foremost belief is that women should not neglect themselves and keep their instincts at the core of the financial planning process. The emphasis is on defining strategies to help women make independent decisions and also focus creating independence within the family structure (for married women).

The foremost goal is to create enough resources to address contingencies, especially for single women. Once contingencies are addressed, it moves to focus on adequate protection via right type of insurance and lastly on wealth creation strategies.

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The financial planning process at Hexagon will be comprehensive, whether you are a working professional or homemaker, single or married. Starting with the basics of protection against uncertainties of life, home, and health and going on to address the balance between her wants and needs.

We believe that it’s essential to have the right mix of financial strategies to address your present and your future financial needs. Arriving at this balance is not just about picking short and long-term investment options, rather it begins with understanding how much you are willing to adjust today to flourish in the future. The right investments and financial plan are what works for each woman and her lifestyle, it can’t be replicated or standardized.

Along with this, there is also the matter of tax efficiency, which periodic review and rebalancing of the portfolio with advisors at Hexagon can help you with.

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